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    Established in 1992, Birlinn Limited publishes books under a number of imprints: Birlinn; Polygon; BC Books; Arena Sport; and John Donald.

    The Birlinn imprint publishes Scottish and general UK interest books, from biography to history, military to politics, and Scottish Gaelic. The name comes from the old Norse word ‘birlinn’, meaning a long boat or small galley used especially in the Hebrides and West Highlands of Scotland in the Middle Ages.

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    Argyll & the Islands: Landscapes in Stone

    The latest in a new series of books which explain how Scotland's scenery was made, why it looks the way it does today and how it has changed over millions of years

    Arran: Landscapes in Stone

    One of 4 books to launch a brand-new series on Scotland's geology and landscapes which explain how Scotland's scenery was made, why it looks the way it does today and how it has changed over millions of years.

    Auld Enemies: The Scots and the English

    This book provides a unique record of the long contest of verbal warfare across the Border, from its beginnings right up to the present day. Auld Enemies will be a useful handbook that can be enjoyed whichever side you're on.

    Bandit Capitalism: Carillion and the British Oligarchs

    The Carillion scandal is the latest in a series of major financial collapses which have signalled a crisis in current capitalism. This book examines the causes and consequences of this crisis.

    Be Quiet, Bramble!

    Bramble the cow lives on an old farm where she has lots of friends. But she has a problem - she hates loud noises! She doesn't like the buzzing of bees, or the sound of the wind during a storm, or the farmer's combine harvester. And she doesn't like the rain. One night, after a heavy storm, the river floods.

    Bear's Adventure

    Originally published by Walker Books this is a new edition of a perennial children's favourite featuring 3 new spreads.

    Best of Scotland: A Caledonian Miscellany

    From bagpipes, haggis, whisky and the midge to The Falkirk Wheel, John Knox, Loch Lomond and Dolly the Sheep, this book is a fascinating celebration of Scotland that will appeal to visitors and locals alike.

    Blazing Paddles: A Scottish Coastal Odyssey

    Alone in his kayak, Brian Wilson sets off from the Solway Firth on a 2000-mile odyssey around Scotland's extraordinarily varied coastline of cliffscapes, unspoiled shorelines, treacherous sea passages and beautiful Hebridean islands.

    Blood and Gold: A Journey of Shadows

    Blood and Gold is a powerful, dynamic fusion of African and Scottish myth and fantasy which explores the themes of racism, immigration and colonialism, and the acceptance of self, grief and loss.

    Bobby the Birdman: An Anthology Celebrating the Life and Work of Bobby Tulloch

    This will be a book to treasure for anyone who wants to know more about Shetland, wildlife or the story of a unique personality who lived life to the full