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    Character Books

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    Annie Adder's Gold


    Aon, Dha, Tri... Ruith!


    Bramble and Coultoon: Their Bolsa Cave Adventure: 3

    The two ponies, Bramble and Coultoon, love adventures and are tempted to explore a distant cave. When they are told that a dog belonging to an old piper came out of the cave without any hair on him, they almost give up. But curiosity wins the day and they discover the ancient piper who, according to legend, got lost in the cave a long time ago.

    Dineasair Ran!


    Findus Goes Fishing

    The 9th story about Farmer Pettson and his talking cat Findus.

    Gearr Agus Sligeanach


    Gruffalo in Scots

    "A moose took a dauner through the deep, mirk widd. A tod saw the moose and the moose looked guid." Come a wee bit further intae the deep, mirk widd, and find oot whit happens when the sleekit moose comes face tae face wi a hoolet, a snake and a hungry gruffalo. This children's classic presented in Scots.

    Character Books