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    Children's Fiction 2-4

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    Hungry Hettie: The Highland Cow Who Won't Stop Eating!

    Hettie the Highland cow is always hungry, so Callum and Kirsty bring her lots to eat -- porridge, sandwiches, shortbread, fish suppers and ice cream! But perhaps a cow can eat too much...?

    If You Go Down to the Woods Today: More than 100 things to find

    Experience the everyday wonder of nature in this first book of poetry, exploring a magical woodland year.

    Jet the Cat (Is Not a Cat)

    Jet the cat likes to swim. When the other animals tell her that cats actually hate water, she goes in search of her true identity. After failing to fit the description of a variety of animals, Jet finally learns to embrace her unique brand of catness. A timely tale that humorously challenges labels and celebrates defining one's own unique identity.

    Katie's Year: Aw the Months for Wee Folk

    Katie makes her way through the months of the year, experiencing the changing seasons and some of the key events of the calendar - from wind and snow to rain and sunshine, from spring days with new lambs and bright flowers to summer days on the beach and in the garden.

    Lift-the-Flap First Questions and Answers Why Do Things Die?

    A beautiful and gentle look at the circle of life, using Christine Pym's gorgeous animals characters to explore the emotions and facts around death, with questions such as Is it ok to talk about dying? What happens when someone dies? Can I shout and cry and hide away? and How can I stop feeling sad?

    Lily the Little Princess

    Can Princess Lily find a wintertime playmate in her flower kingdom?

    Little Fairy's Meadow Party

    Little Fairy needs a special dress for Queen Wren's party. Can her animal friends help her?

    Children's Fiction 2-4