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    Children's Fiction 2-4

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    To Carnival!: A Celebration in St Lucia

    The sights, sounds and tastes of vibrant Saint Lucia come to life in this cumulative #OwnVoices tale of a girl's journey to Carnival. When a series of unexpected delays disrupts her journey to the big parade, Melba must adjust both her expectations and her route to the festivities. Who will she meet and what will she learn along the way?

    Tyrannosaurus Drip

    Whoever heard of a vegetarian T. rex? Meet Drip, the little dinosaur who hatched in the wrong nest in this fantastically funny rhyming story.

    Uan the Little Lamb

    Two Scottish children find a little lamb abandoned by her mother and decide to take care of it. Set in the Outer Hebrides.

    Wee Granny's Magic Bag

    Surprising things happen when Wee Granny reaches into her magic bag! Like Mary Poppins, only more tartan...





    What Happened to You?

    But as usual, one after the other, all the children ask him the same question they always ask, "What happened to you?" Understandably Joe gets increasingly cross! Until finally the penny drops and the children realise that it's a question Joe just doesn't want to answer...

    Where Happiness Begins


    Children's Fiction 2-4