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    Children's Fiction 2-4

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    The Hairdo That Got Away

    Once a month, Dad takes his son to the barbers, come rain or shine. A touching and melodic story of family separation from a child's perspective from the author/illustrator duo who brought us the Amnesty International recommended picture book Luna Loves Library Day.

    The Scarecrows' Wedding

    Written in Julia Donaldson's glorious rhyme and illustrated in glowing colour by Axel Scheffler, THE SCARECROWS' WEDDING is a fabulous love story. Scarecrows Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay are planning the perfect wedding, but wicked Reginald Rake has other ideas. Harry must become a hero so he and Betty can have the wedding of their dreams.

    The Ugly Five

    Inspired by the real-life Ugly Five safari animals, THE UGLY FIVE is a jubilant celebration of creatures that are often rather unloved. The animals proudly rejoice in their ugliness, while their babies tell them they're perfect just the way they are. A funny, heart-warming rhyme that is a joy to read aloud, with bold, comical illustrations.

    The World Made a Rainbow

    Recommended by Catherine Jones, our Creative Learning Manager:

    We’ve all had to deal with some big changes this year, and none of us more than the children in our lives. The World Made a Rainbow by Michelle Robinson and beautifully illustrated by Emily Hamilton deals with this wonderfully.

    The book shares the simple story of young girl at home with her family, trying to paint a rainbow to decorate her window. She zooms with her friend, misses her school and her Granny, and looks forward to a time when they can all be together again. As a mum to a toddler myself the refrain of “this rainstorm will pass” brings a lump to my throat, remembering just how much we have all been through, and making me appreciate the contact we can now have with family and friends all the more!

    The World Made a Rainbow would make a wonderful gift for the little people in your life who you’ve perhaps missed this last year.

    To Carnival!: A Celebration in St Lucia

    The sights, sounds and tastes of vibrant Saint Lucia come to life in this cumulative #OwnVoices tale of a girl's journey to Carnival. When a series of unexpected delays disrupts her journey to the big parade, Melba must adjust both her expectations and her route to the festivities. Who will she meet and what will she learn along the way?



    What Happened to You?

    But as usual, one after the other, all the children ask him the same question they always ask, "What happened to you?" Understandably Joe gets increasingly cross! Until finally the penny drops and the children realise that it's a question Joe just doesn't want to answer...

    Where Happiness Begins


    Children's Fiction 2-4