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    Children's Fiction 5-7

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    Atlas of the Earth


    Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies

    Izzy and her friends have never liked school dinners. And they're getting worse. The dinner ladies are acting strangely: making up random rules, wearing hats, and cooking new food, even more horrible than usual It must be the work of the new demon dinner lady!

    Aziza's Secret Fairy Door

    The first title in a young, inclusive magical adventure series inspired by world mythology from debut author Lola Morayo. Aziza lives with her mum, dad and older brother in a city flat, and she loves fairies. The mysterious gift of a fairy door leads her into a magical kingdom and straight into an adventure. Perfect for young readers of 6-8.

    Baby Aliens Got My Teacher

    One day Izzy and her friends are surprised to find that their teacher, Miss Jones, is actually being nice to them. This is the woman who was caught secretly smiling when Maisie Miller fell off her chair. There can only be one conclusion: she's been taken over by aliens, and now she wants to make them all aliens too!

    Bramble and Coultoon: Their Sky Dragon Adventure

    Bramble and Coultoon are two fire-making ponies. In this adventure, they unexpectedly meet a sky dragon. The sky dragon's fire has gone out, so the two ponies offer to rekindle her fire. They get help from an eagle and some men who cut peat. It is not easy going but they receive a wonderful reward - a flight on the sky dragon's back!

    Calum's Cup Final

    The sixth book in the football-mad Scotland Stars F.C. series.

    Calum's Hard Knock

    The fourth book in the football-mad Scotland Stars F.C. series.

    Calum's New Team

    New boy Calum is determined to impress the coach and make it onto the school football team.

    Children's Fiction 5-7