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    Children's Fiction 8-12

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    The Wizards of Once

    From the bestselling author of How to Train Your Dragon comes an exciting high-adventure series - set in an ancient, magical time, full of Wizards, Warriors, Giants and Sprites.

    The Wizards of Once: Never and Forever

    The No.1 bestselling series from the author of How to Train Your Dragon. Can Xar and Wish unite their worlds in time to save the Wildwoods? Will it be Never... or Forever? The final book in the magical The Wizards of Once series.

    The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic

    The No.1 Bestselling Series. Enter a land of wizards, warriors, mythical creatures and powerful magic in an exciting fantasy adventure from the author of How To Train Your Dragon.

    The Wreck of the Argyll

    Dundee, 1915: Nancy and Jamie uncover a deadly plot by spies to sink HMS Argyll.

    This Book Is Anti-Racist: 20 lessons on how to wake up, take action, and do the work

    Learn about identities, histories, and anti-racism work in 20 carefully laid out chapters.

    Thor Is Locked In My Garage!

    Greg and Lewis need Thor's help to defeat his brother Loki. Unfortunately, the god of Thunder is locked in their garage! The hilarious sequel to The Day the World Went Loki is filled with monsters, mischief and everyone's favourite Norse gods.

    Tigeropolis - The Grand Opening: No. 2

    Continuing the story about how the tigers (Bittu, Matti, Tala and Uncle Raj) save their beloved Tigeropolis from the bulldozer

    Tigeropolis: Beyond the Deep Forest: 1

    Story about a family of vegetarian tigers who have to think on their feet to save their forest from the developers.

    Children's Fiction 8-12