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    Children's History

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    Robert the Bruce and All That

    Learn history the fun way in an entertaining and informative series of books about key people from Scotland's history

    Scotland's Vikings

    Tells the story of Scottish Vikings from violent beginnings to the end of Norse power in 1469. This title shows: why the Vikings travelled west-over-sea to Scotland; when and where they settled; why they sometimes buried their chiefs in longships; how the Picts and Scots coped with these invaders; and what legacy the Vikings left behind.

    Scottish Kings and Queens

    Ranging from the wrath of Macbeth to the kindness of Margaret, from the warrior-like Robert I to the poetic charms of James I, and from the romantic spirit of Mary, Queen of Scots to the trend-setting George IV, this book includes the tales of Kings and Queens of Scotland.

    The Amazing Life of Mary, Queen of Scots: Fact-tastic Stories from Scotland's History

    Step into the sixteenth century for a unique glimpse into the dramatic life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Fascinating facts and diagrams are paired with lively illustrations and an exciting story, told from the perspective of Mary's young servant.

    The Clans

    The Clans tells the story of a well-known feature of Scottish society, explaining how the idea of clanship developed.

    Children's History