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    Children's History

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    The Story of Scotland's Flag and the Lion and Thistle

    The story of the how Saint Andrew's Cross, or The Saltire, became Scotland's Flag. Part of the Corbies series of books. Ideal for explaining aspects of history to younger children. Recommended for age 7+.

    The Celts And All That

    New for the And All That series, this book delves into the history of the Celts.

    The Vikings And All That

    New for the And All That Series, this book explores the savage history of the Vikings.

    World War I: Scottish Tales of Adventure

    Acclaimed children's author Allan Burnett turns his attention to the First World War in a book of explosively exciting and emotionally charged tales of bravery and adventure. All based on true stories!

    Wallace & Bruce: Two Scottish Heroes

    From the Golden Age of Alexander III to Robert II, the first Stewart king, this book tells the history of Scotland between 1249 and 1371.

    Scottish Explorers: Amazing Facts

    Part of the Scotties series of books for children, Scottish Explorers looks at the Scots who have explored the Earth over the last five hundred years.

    Robert Burns in Time and Place

    A study of the life and work of Robert Burns, placing his work into the tapestry of events in Ayrshire, Scotland and the wider world - which all shaped his experiences and his poetry.

    British Museum: So You Think You've Got It Bad? A Kid's Life in Ancient Rome

    Written by award-winning author Chae Strathie and developed in consultation with experts from the British Museum, this fascinating book reveals what life was really like for kids in ancient Rome, from washing clothes in wee to snacking on dormice .

    Children's History