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    Chillys Water Bottle Matte Purple - Festival Logo

    Price inclusive of VAT £17.00

    Reusable stainless steel water bottle engraved with the Festival logo

    ISBN: 5056243500161
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    Recommended by Becca Di Francesco, our Sponsorship Officer

    An unassuming café in Tokyo is shrouded in modern folklore because from there it is believed visitors can travel in time. There are strict rules clearly defined at the beginning of the book: visitors cannot leave the café when they time travel; they can’t change circumstances in the present and they only have until their cup of coffee goes cold.

    This quickly establishes the book as a time travel narrative like no other, there’s no looming panic about changing the course of history. Instead it’s a collection of life affirming tales from four visitors who travel in time bound by love for their partners, their sister or the daughter they never got to meet. The visitors, knowing they can’t change the present, travel to communicate more clearly, to see each other one last time, or to apologise.

    A gentle and beautifully told novel that feels complete and will stay with you for a while after you’ve read it, and will offer opportunity to reflect over your next cup of coffee.

    Stranger in the Shogun's City: A Woman's Life in Nineteenth-Century Japan