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    Dunedin Academic Press

    Dunedin (DAP) is an independent publishing house based in Edinburgh that publishes books on geology and other earth and environment topics. Many of Dunedin’s books have equal appeal to the resident, visitor, walker, climber or angler who wants to understand the origins of the landforms they observe as well as to the professional geologist seeking a broad overview of a much-studied terrain. A selection of titles about Scotland with appeal to the general reader are offered here.

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    Geology and Landscapes of Scotland

    A thoroughly revised new edition, now profusely illustrated in colour, with many photographs, maps and diagrams, and complete with an extensive glossary, Geology and landscapes of Scotland is for the many readers fascinated by one of the most geologically intriguing and scenically beautiful parts of the world.

    Hutton's Arse: a billion years of extraordinary geology in Scotland's Northern Highlands: 2109

    The extraordinary and beautiful scenery of the Northern Scottish Highlands has been created by a geological history lasting over 3 billion years. This is an illustrated geological history of those years, showing the rocks, visiting the places and introduces famous researchers and their theories that have been inspired by the Highlands.

    Introducing Palaeontology: A Guide to Ancient Life

    Introducing Palaeontology provides a concise and accessible introduction to the science of palaeontology. The first part explains what a fossil is and how fossils came to be preserved. The second introduces the major fossil groups from algae and plants to the vertebrates and finally to man's ancestors. A glossary is provided.

    Scottish Mountain Landscapes: A geomorphological perspective

    The diversity of Scotland's mountains is remarkable, ranging from the isolated summits of the far northwest, through the tor-studded high plateau of the Cairngorms to the hills of the Southern Uplands. Colin Ballantyne explains the geological and geomorphological evolution of Scotland's mountains to form an unparalleled variety of mountain forms.

    Volcanoes and the Making of Scotland

    Brian Upton explores Scotland's volcanoes from the most recent examples to volcanoes of the obscure Precambrian times which left their signature in the ancient rocks of the far north-west.

    Dunedin Academic Press