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    Early Learning

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    Hide! The dog hides when it's time for his bath. We hide from mum's friends because we are shy. The tortoise has a shell so it can hide. Quick, hide! This small book for children explores the different ways we can hide objects and hide ourselves.

    How Many Mice Make An Elephant?: And Other Big Questions about Size and Distance

    An original approach to maths by stealth that makes the tricky concepts of size and distance fun and easy to understand.

    In the Jungle


    Is Mise Ialtag



    Jump! A kangeroo jumps and so does a frog! You can jump over a puddle, or jump on a trampoline, or jump into the pool! Just bend your knees and jump! This small book explores the idea of how things jump - including us. The First Steps series has 12 books. Each book is engagingly illustrated and explores pre-school early-learning topics.

    Early Learning