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    Early Learning

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    On the Move

    In bright pictures and simple text, this book shows how things are moved, and how we move and travel. A bicycle, a bus, a lorry, a tractor, a boat, a racing car, a buggy, a wheelchair, among many more - this book shows in bright pictures and text the many ways we move, and travel, and how we move things.

    One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller

    A bright, fresh counting book - and a farmyard thriller.


    Oops! Fell over! Oops as the tower of building bricks fell down! Oops! Spilled some water. Oops! Never mind! This 32 page book explores the idea that things don't always go to plan, but teaches a young child not to worry too much about little mishaps.

    Pioban an Aona Phutain





    Run! Run with the wind behind you. Run in the race at school. Watch the rain run down the windowpane. Watch Mr Hogg run after his dog. Quick! Run! This second book in the First Steps series explores the different meanings of the word 'run'.

    Sgeulachd an Da Bheist



    Shapes introduces the concepts of shapes and shows circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and ovals. The book suggests an activity where children can cut out shapes. The Tarantula Early Learners series takes simple and essential topics and makes them easy, and fun to learn.

    Early Learning