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    I Shall Wear Midnight (Discworld Novel 38)

    Tiffany Aching is a witch alone. And when the Baron dies, and Tiffany is framed for his murder, it's clearer than ever that she is, well . . . But on the way she meets something that likes witches very much . . .And is out to get witches everywhere . . .

    A Hat Full of Sky (Discworld Novel 32)

    Tiffany Aching is going `into service': to be a lady, no less, a maid in a big house.But making friends with fellow witches is always difficult when an invisible-being-that-cannot-be-killed takes over your body - stealing money, and threatening violence. A Nac Mac Feegle of course - the rudest type of fairy, and handy to have in a tight spot .

    The Wee Free Men (Discworld Novel 30)

    Tiffany wants to be a witch when she grows up. And flying, she's always dreamed of flying (though it's cold up there, you have to wear really thick pants, two layers). And a witch has always protected Tiffany's land, to stop the nightmares getting through.`Quite, quite brilliant'StarburstTHE FIRST BOOK IN THE TIFFANY ACHING SERIES