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    A Fine House in Trinity

    A Fine House in Trinity is a Leith-set contemporary crime novel about an alcoholic who gains an inheritance, only to find that someone is prepared to kill him for it. To survive he must sober up, solve a murder, and stay one step ahead of the man who wants him dead.

    A Five Year Sentence


    A Gathering of Shadows

    Kell is plagued by his guilt. Having given up smuggling, he is visited by dreams of ominous magical events, waking only to think of Lila. As Red London prepares for the Element Games - an extravagant international competition of magic - a certain pirate ship draws closer. But another London is coming back to life. Black London has risen again.

    A Girl Called Eel

    Anguille is a 17-year-old girl who leaves her rock on the archipelago of Comoros to lose herself at sea. Confronted with the pressing immediacy of imminent death, Anguille recounts the story of her whole life in one long, sustained breath, in a series of brief couplets.

    A Happy Little Island

    Lars Sund's prescient novel is the story of a remote community caught up in a human tragedy on a vast scale - asylum-seekers drowning at sea. Initially they react with humanity, but as more dead bodies wash up on their shores and disturb their safe lives, many in the community find it increasingly difficult to maintain their air of civility.

    A Heart Full of Headstones: Pre-Order Now

    The brand new John Rebus thriller from iconic #1 Bestseller Ian Rankin.

    A Hero Born: Legends of the Condor Heroes Vol. 1

    The most popular series by the most successful Chinese author - a cultural monument translated into English for the first time