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    Publisher: Charco Press

    Holiday Heart

    Lucia and Pablo are a couple, school teachers who left Colombia to make a living in the US. While Pablo keeps fond memories of his motherland and a close relationship with his family, Lucia rejects all notions of patriotism and nostalgia. After struggling to conceive for a long time, Lucia finally gets pregnant with twins - but shuts Pablo out.
    ISBN: 9781999368449
    AuthorMargarita Garcia Robayo
    Pub Date25/06/2020
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    In the terrifying atmosphere of late 1970s Buenos Aires, a young militant couple engaged in the resistance against the military regime adopt a child. Amid the ever-growing oppression, the couple and their baby flee to Brazil, believing it to be a more tranquil country in which to raise a family and pursue their lives.

    Older Brother

    During the summer of 2014, on one of the stormiest days on record to hit the coast of Uruguay, 31-year old Alejandro, lifeguard and younger brother of our protagonist, dies after being hit by lightning.


    In Feebleminded, Harwicz drags us to the most uncomfortable and fascinating aspects of love, need and dependency, by analysing the dynamics between a mother and her adult daughter, both searching through their own past and present as they try to give meaning to their lives and relationship.

    Trout, Belly Up

    The peace and violence of Guatemala is ever-present in the background in these tales. We follow Henrik, a good man struck time and again by misfortune, as he confronts different diatribes posed by the crude realities of farming life. Through his journey we meet merciless businessmen, drug dealers and fallen angels, all wanting a piece of their pie.

    An Orphan World

    An Orphan World is about poverty, and the resourceful ways in which people confront poverty. At the same time, it is a reflection about the body as a space of pleasure and violence. Perhaps above all else, An Orphan World is a brutally honest love letter between a father and son.