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    101 Uses for Baler Twine


    At Our Age


    Auld Enemies: The Scots and the English

    This book provides a unique record of the long contest of verbal warfare across the Border, from its beginnings right up to the present day. Auld Enemies will be a useful handbook that can be enjoyed whichever side you're on.

    Away An' Ask Your Mother!: Your Scottish Father's Favourite Sayings

    A compilation of those phrases and sayings which hen-pecked and harassed (and well-loved) Scottish dads have uttered to their children over the years. Favourites include: "Everyone in this house is entitled to my opinion!" and "It's OK wi' me if it's OK wi yer mother!".

    Bite Ma Scone


    Cummoangetaff!: The Adventures of Big Aggie MacDonald, the Glasgow Tramcar Clippie

    These adventures of Big Aggie MacDonald, the caustic, wisecracking Glasgow tramcar clippie, should take readers back to the golden age of the tram. The seven short stories are interspersed with one-liners and jokes attributed to Aggie, and illustrations from cartoonist, Besley.