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    Animal Trials


    Land Reform in Scotland: History, Law and Policy

    A stimulating review of contemporary land reform in Scotland

    Rediscovering Charity


    The Scotways Guide to the Law of Access to Land in Scotland

    An invaluable guide for professionals, landowners and users of land in Scotland.

    Thring's Practical Legislation: The Composition and Language of Acts of Parliament and Business Documents

    Operating in a field where there are no concrete rules, Thring saw the need to formulate general rules of guidance for those inexperienced in the art of legislative drafting and published his work following his appointment as First Parliamentary Counsel.

    Trident and International Law: Scotland's Obligations

    Challenging the legality of UK nuclear policy as a further generation of nuclear-armed submarines is developed, Trident and International Law asks who is really accountable for Coulport and Faslane.