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    Little Blue Encyclopedia (for Vivian)

    Recommended by Becca Di Francesco, our Sponsorship Officer:

    After the death of her best friend Vivian, the narrator is torn apart with grief. To try to cope she revisits Vivian’s favourite television programme ‘Little Blue’ (invented by Plante) and in doing so relives their memories together. The novel details how these transgender women became friends and the unrequited love and loss that followed. The narrator falls into the unusual world of Little Blue and creates an encyclopedia based on the programme to dedicate to Vivian like a love letter.

    It’s a poignant, playful and accessible read – aided by the alphabetical nature of the encyclopedic style. An impressive debut with which it’s easy to become enamoured.

    ISBN: 9780994047199
    AuthorHazel Jane Plante
    Pub Date31/10/2019
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