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    Military History

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    A Dirty Swindle: True Stories of Scots in the Great War

    A new collection of twelve sad but true stories documenting the hardship of World War 1.

    Allies in Auschwitz: The Untold Story of British POWs Held Captive in the Nazis' Most Infamous Death Camp

    Based on interviews with some of the few surviving members of E715 Auschwitz, this book charts the British captives' true story: from arriving on cattle trucks through to their eventual departure on foot.

    Britain and the Bomb

    British technological ambition in the 1950s and 1960s - the Golden Age of British Aviation. Cold War fears and Cold War politics - Cuban missiles, Gary Powers and Jack Profumo. What were the TSR2 and Chevaline? Why was one cancelled and the other developed?

    Burma Railway Medicine: Disease, Death and Survival on the Thai-Burma Railway, 1942-1945

    This book presents for the first time an in-depth analysis of the medical crisis in the Allied prisoner of war (POW) camps on the Thai-Burma Railway, between 1942 and 1945. While it is written mainly from a British perspective, the authors acknowledge the contributions made by the many different nationalities of medical staff working together.

    Camp 165 Watten

    Eminent German PoWs in Scottish camp. Bestseller.

    Captive Memories: Far East Pows & Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

    Captive Memories charts the fascinating history of the relationship between the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Far East POW veterans, using eyewitness accounts and personal perspectives of those involved.

    Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea: HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse

    A stunning and forensic look at the wrecks of two of the most famous British capital ships lost during WWII Provides details of the construction and sea career of each ship Beautiful illustrations of the wrecks lying on the seabed

    Military History