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    Military History

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    "A General Plague of Madness": The Civil Wars in Lancashire, 1640-1660

    From Furness to Liverpool, and from the Wyre estuary to Manchester and Warrington - civil war actions, battles, sieges and skirmishes took place in virtually every corner of Lancashire. Presenting the history of the Lancashire civil wars, this work explains the events which our ancestors witnessed in the cause either of king or parliament.

    "A General Plague of Madness": The Civil Wars in Lancashire, 1640-1660

    A narrative of the civil war period in Lancashire, including the sieges of Lathom House, the 'massacre' at Bolton, the Battle of Preston and many other nationally important military engagements within the county.

    A Scottish Blockade Runner in the American Civil War - Joannes Wyllie of the steamer Ad-Vance

    The untold story of Joannes Wyllie, one of the most successful blockade runners of the American Civil War. Features his life of adventure and action; he was once declared dead, survived shipwrecks and shark attack, and successfully commanded ships across the globe

    Britain and the Bomb

    British technological ambition in the 1950s and 1960s - the Golden Age of British Aviation. Cold War fears and Cold War politics - Cuban missiles, Gary Powers and Jack Profumo. What were the TSR2 and Chevaline? Why was one cancelled and the other developed?

    Camp 165 Watten

    Eminent German PoWs in Scottish camp. Bestseller.

    Culloden: Battle & Aftermath

    O'Keeffe reveals the unexpected consequences of the rising - mapping the Scottish Highlands to aid military subjugation would eventually lead to the foundation of the Ordnance Survey - and traces the later careers of the battle's protagonists: the Duke of Cumberland's transformation from idolised national hero to discredited 'butcher';

    Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea: HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse

    A stunning and forensic look at the wrecks of two of the most famous British capital ships lost during WWII Provides details of the construction and sea career of each ship Beautiful illustrations of the wrecks lying on the seabed

    Hitler's Early Raiders

    Well-researched account of the 'Phoney War' at the start of WWII

    Military History