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    Mind, Body, Spirit

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    An Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine: Extending the Art of Healing

    This work is a basic introduction to anthroposophical medicine.

    Anthroposophic Medicine for All the Family: Recognizing and Treating the Most Common Disorders

    This invaluable book not only provides practical suggestions and advice regarding common medical issues and ailments, but also presents the fundamental principles of anthroposophic medicine.

    Book of Spells

    Soraya's Book of Spells contains a wonderful and comprehensive Soraya's Book of Spells contains a wonderful and comprehensive set of spells. Contains the origins and history of spells, and their rituals throughout the cycle of the year.

    Calendar of the Soul: The Year Participated

    As Owen Barfield argues, no simple translation can convey the 'thrust' of the verses. This title features Barfield's pioneering translation - 'paraphrased for an English ear' - based on more than 50 years studying the text.

    Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart: The Fundamental Spiritual Exercises of Rudolf Steiner

    Rudolf Steiner advised that specific 'accompanying', or 'fundamental', spiritual exercises should always be carried out in conjunction with meditation, in order to protect the individual from dangers posed to normal consciousness. This work describes these fundamental exercises, giving suggestions as to how they can be carried out.

    Mind, Body, Spirit