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    Muddy Pearl

    Muddy Pearl is an independent publisher based in Edinburgh. We specialise in books that help people explore issues of spirituality and prayer, international and social justice, health and lifestyle from a faith perspective. Established in 2013 in Edinburgh by Richard and Stephanie Heald, our editorial policy is to invest in developing new authors who have deep insights into life or a valuable story to share. We try to produce our books to the highest standard, drawing wherever possible on the traditional skills and resources available in Scotland.

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    A Quickening




    Amazed by Jesus



    A moving, inspiring poem about just how amazing Jesus is - the perfect devotional for mediating on Jesus and a wonderful gift to help others encounter him too. Illustrated with the author's own photographs, which position amazing truths in a contemporary setting and drive their message home all the more.

    Ambition, Glory and Giving Your All

    A refreshingly clear and profound discussion of a character trait with which many of us struggle. RT Kendall explains that God does not call us to suppress all ambition, and that our God-given drives can even motivate us to do his will. But our efforts and goals must become God-oriented, so that a love for the glory of God eclipses all.

    Digitally Remastered: A Biblical Guide to Reclaiming Your Virtual Self

    Communications technologies open up endless wonderful possibilities as well as many that are more sinister. Ultimately, the reality is that either we will master them or they will master us. A valuable book that unpacks the practical and spiritual significance of our technological choices in a way that aligns with our faith.

    Gatecrashing: The Story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza

    Every night for seven years, Brian and Tracy Heasley walked and prayed through Ibiza's streets, chatting to clubbers, caring for those in danger, helping them home, befriending bar owners and prostitutes. Their remarkable story will inspire you to persist in prayer, giving practical and creative ways to show God's love in your own community.

    Muddy Pearl