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    Saraband is an award-winning independent publisher of outstanding fiction, absorbing nature writing, pressing environmental issues and compelling memoir. Our brilliant prize-winning authors from across Scotland include Graeme Macrae Burnet, Chitra Ramaswamy, Donald S Murray, Olga Wojtas, Ever Dundas and Jim Crumley. These and writers from other parts of the UK and overseas have been recognised in major national and international prizes, including the Booker Prize, as well as the Saltire Society Awards, which highlight Scotland’s literary talent.

    We publish authors with deep knowledge of the culture, local landscapes, wildlife, folk traditions and history in regions around the UK. Our fiction includes literary, historical and contemporary stories reflecting national and international perspectives – some with a sense of humour, some gritty or dark, others thought-provoking – all engaging and vital.

    From our inception, we have provided a platform for underrepresented and marginalised voices that are often overlooked, and discovered original perspectives and talent. We’ve championed diversity and inclusion as part of our wide-ranging commitment to excellence – and to our readers of all ages, backgrounds and personal identities, wherever they may live.

    We publish across all print and digital formats, with ancillary content in our podcast, video and social channels. For more information on our authors and titles, head over to our website,, subscribe to our podcast, Cabin Fever Fables, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and sign up to our monthly Good News newsletter here:

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    The Nature of Spring

    Spring marks the genesis of nature's year. As Earth's northern hemisphere tilts ever more towards the life-giving sun, the icy, dark days of winter gradually yield to the new season's intensifying light and warmth. Nature responds... Jim chronicles it all: the wonder, the tumult, the spectacle of spring.

    The Nature of Summer

    The final instalment in the acclaimed "Seasons" series, which interrogates how climate change has disrupted the natural rhythm of the seasons. It has attracted widespread praise and prize attention; Jim's passionate stance on climate chaos and the need for rewilding chimes with an increasingly eco-aware public.

    The Nature of Winter

    Jim Crumley ventures into our countryside to experience firsthand the chaos and the quiet solitude of nature's rest period. He bears witness to the lives of remarkable animals such as golden eagles, red deer and even whales as they battle intemperate weather and the turbulence of climate change.

    The Paper Cell

    In 1950s London, a literary agent finds fame when he secretly steals a young woman's brilliant novel manuscript and publishes it under his own name, Lewis Carson. Two days after their meeting, the woman is found strangled: did Lewis purloin the manuscript as an act of callous opportunism, or as the spoils of a calculated murder?

    The Physic Garden

    City life in the 19th century was often dramatic: poverty killed, and resurrection men prowled the streets for corpses. But life is improving for William Lang, who's courting Jenny, and forms an unlikely friendship with botanist Dr Thomas Brown. The young couple's relationship blossoms, until seeds of trouble threaten to grow out of control.

    The Scribbler

    DC Carrie and her colleague DI Gayther are an unlikely pairing tasked with investigating a series of cold cases - specifically, unsolved murders of LGBTQ+ victims.

    The Storm

    After his editor is murdered in front of him, Doug McGregor's world falls apart. His is 'friendship' with DS Susie Drummond is also in a weird place. When another killing occurs, Doug realises that going to Skye for time out with an old friend was the best and worst move possible. He's in the eye of the Storm - and this one could engulf them all.

    The Unreliable Death Of Lady Grange

    A thrilling historical novel based on the extraordinary true story of Lady Grange, who in 1732 was kidnapped on the orders of her powerful husband and exiled to a remote island beyond the Outer Hebrides.

    Twenty Football Towns

    Meat-and-potato pies, quirky club mascots, standing room paddocks and hyperlocal sponsors... at every local club, there is much more about 'going to the match' than the match itself.