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    Swan & Horn

    Swan & Horn is a small, independent publishing house with a focus on health-related non-fiction for the public and professionals. We are expanding into fiction and non-fiction for children, also with health and wellbeing messages. Our books address the challenges of modern living, to make complex subjects accessible to non-academics, and to provide important insight, foster curiosity, expand thinking, and stimulate collaboration between disciplines. We also provide expert editorial and publishing services to self-publishing authors.

    We differ from most publishers in as much as our authors deal with a single person through the entire publishing process, namely the Managing Editor, Maria Carter. This gives authors a rich and rewarding working relationship, whereby they benefit from an unparalleled level of continuity and engagement. Collaboration is encouraged every step of the way.

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    The Pissing Evil: A Comprehensive History of Diabetes Mellitus

    This long-awaited book breathes life into the story of this foul disease, of despair and discovery, the battles fought against the disease and by the desperate people seeking a cure for it. A must-read for all experts on the subject of diabetes - patients, clinicians and scientists alike.

    Swan & Horn