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    3D/4D City Modelling: From Sensors to Applications

    The fifth of a series of meetings devoted to the science of this extensively used special cement.

    4M 2007: Third International Conference on Multi-Material Micro Manufacture

    Details the developments with regard to numerous aspects of advanced micro technologies with respect to metals, polymers, and ceramics, and the development of new production platforms for micro systems-based products. This volume contains almost 100 papers and six keynote contributions.

    4M 2008: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Multi-material Micro Manufacture

    Details the state-of-the-art regarding the numerous aspects of advanced micro technologies with respect to a range of materials, and the development of fresh production platforms for micro systems-based products. This work provides an overview of this rapidly moving subject and an insight into key research and development areas.

    A Heritage in Stone: Characters and Conservation in North East Scotland

    The castles and other properties owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland are precious jewels in the crown of the nation's heritage. This book pays tribute to the people who have made the Trust's properties so very special.

    A Practical Guide to Adopting BIM in Construction Projects

    Reader-friendly introduction to adopting BIM. A vital guide for practitioners to adopt BIM successfully in construction projects. A blend of background theory and practical ideas for BIM implementation.

    Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning

    Major new text which provides the state-of-the-art on laser scanning technology. Includes a wide range of applications.

    Applications of 3D Measurement from Images

    Reveals through a series of case studies how modern digital photogrammetry is capable of providing accurate spatial data to solve a range of contemporary measurement problems, and at a diverse range of scales. This book outlines key principles and methods associated with modern imaging.

    Basic Principles of Plates and Slabs: For Safer and More Cost Effective Stuctures

    A comprehensive work concerning the basic principles of plate theory and its methodology, in which the author discusses both plastic and elastic responses. The reader is taken from relatively elementary aspects of the topic right through to the most recent research findings.