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    Young Adult

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    The Arc

    Luka Kane was executed in front of a jeering crowd but before he died, he opened one pair of eyes to the truth: Chester 'Chilly' Beckett's. Except, Luka isn't dead at all. A bold escape sets in motion a race against time as Happy's world-ending plans draw to a climax ...

    The Block

    Luka is imprisoned in the Block when an audacious break-out reunites him with his friends at last. Hiding out in the heart of the destroyed city, Luka realises the scale of their mission to defeat all-powerful AI, Happy. How can they stay hidden, let alone win the war?

    The Explorer


    The Great Godden


    The Loop

    Luka Kane has been inside hi-tech prison the Loop for over two years. A death sentence is hanging over his head but his day-to-day routine is mind-numbingly repetitive. Then everything changes. Soon, Luka has to face a new reality: breaking out of the Loop might be his only chance to save himself - and the world ...

    The Outrage

    What if falling in love was a crime?

    The Slithers

    When his dad asks Zach to clean out the old garden pond he unearths something unexpected - a trapdoor leading down into darkness. He ventures down and discovers something amazing - a glowing egg-shaped stone. The stone belongs to a race of ancient creatures that dwell deep beneath the ground - and they want it back.

    The Sound of Everything

    'A stunning new voice' Patrice Lawrence. Betrayal, rejection, violence Kadie has known it all. She's tough and prepared for everything. Everything except love.

    The Upper World


    The Wind in the Wall


    The Year After You

    This refreshing, deeply affecting debut sparkles with prose as crisp as its Alpine backdrop. Its heroine Cara - grief-stricken after her best friend's death and navigating a new life in the Swiss mountains - will win the hearts of YA readers everywhere.

    This Book is Gay

    A funny and pertinent book about being lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, transgender or just curious - for everybody, no matter their gender or sexuality Former PSHCE teacher and acclaimed YA author Juno Dawson gives an uncensored look at what it's like to grow up as LGBT.

    Young Adult