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    Where the Snow Angels Go

    ISBN: 9781406391992
    AuthorMaggie OFarrell
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    Dear Reader: The Comfort and Joy of Books

    Recommended by Nick Barley (Festival Director)

    Having always had her nose buried in a book, Cathy Rentzenbrink is someone whose life beyond that of her imagination ought to be nothing much to write home about. However, as anyone who has read her bestselling memoir The Last Act of Love will know, the tragic death of her brother Matty was an event that profoundly affected her – and continues to do so. What’s more, although it could never quell the pain, chronicling that awful experience also confirmed her as an exceptional memoirist, with the ability to recount stories of her life with style and panache.

    In Dear Reader, Rentzenbrink canters through her whole life to date, punctuating her experiences (including the time around Matty’s accident) with many of the books she read along the way. It’s a wonderfully engaging device, leaving readers with another captivating memoir and a stunningly diverse list of books to turn to in good times or bad.

    Julian Is a Mermaid


    Julian at the Wedding

    Recommended by Rachel Fox (Children & Schools Programme Director)

    The beloved Julian of Jessica Love’s award-winning debut picture book returns in this beautiful book, also illustrated by Jessica herself, Julian at the Wedding.

    In Julian at the Wedding we have another fantastically inclusive and celebratory book, full of sumptuous drawings of what looks like an incredible party celebrating the marriage of two women. Its follows Julian and his adventurous cousin Marisol as they roam around the party and get up to a little magical mischief.

    That Old Country Music

    Recommended by Nick Barley (Festival Director)

    Ever since he burst onto the Irish writing scene over a decade ago, Kevin Barry has entranced readers with his laconic humour, his amiable characters and his impeccable ability to tell stories. In recent years he’s been getting better and better, with his glorious recent novel Night Boat To Tangier earning him a place on the 2019 Booker longlist.

    One year on, Barry returns to his beloved short story form with That Old Country Music, a collection based on some oddly delicious (and sometimes deliciously odd) characters from County Sligo on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Each and every one of these stories is irresistibly readable, vividly conjuring mental images of lives and landscapes in such high resolution, you could project them on an Imax screen.

    When Life Gives You Mangoes

    Recommended by Rachel Fox (Children and Schools Programme Director)

    When Life Gives You Mangoes by Kereen Getten has everything you want in a story. It has a deep sense of place, characters that you completely believe in, and a mystery that pulls at you all the way through. I read it cover to cover in one night.

    The story is set in a small village in Jamaica where we meet Clara and her friends, living a seemingly normal life, apart from that Clara can’t remember anything that happened the previous Summer. Throughout the book we get hints at what could have happened and as a new girl, Rudy, arrives from England things start to change.