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    Overcoming Adversity in books for Children and Young Adults: Thu 19 Nov 18:00

    This evening join writers Ross Sayers, Laura Guthrie, Akemi Dawn Bowman, Emily Ilett and Victoria Williamson in conversation with Carolyn-Jess Cooke about their latest books starring their children and teens overcoming personal struggles.

    Ross Sayers will be chatting about his latest novel, Daisy on the Outer Line, which sees Daisy travel back in time after getting drunk and trashing her step-dad's funeral. Laura Guthrie will be chatting about Anna, her debut YA novel where her heroine move up to the Highlands of Scotland with her reclusive, estranged mother after the death of her father. Akemi Dawn Bowman will be chatting about Harley in the Sky, her latest YA novel which looks at love, friendship and family set against the backdrop of the magic of the circus. Emily Ilett will be chatting about her debut childrens' book The Girl Who Lost her Shadow, a lyrical, immersive tale of sisterhood and the bravery of asking for help. Victoria Williamson will be chatting about The Boy With the Butterfly Mind, her novel starring chaotic Jamie and perfectionist Elin who have to find a way to get along when their families come together.

    Chair Carolyn-Jess Cooke is a novelist and poet with 10 books to her name, including her latest novel, The Nesting. She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, where she researches the impact of motherhood on women’s writing and inclusive approaches to literature. In 2020, she set up the Stay-At-Home! Literary Festival, in partnership with the creative writing incubator, Paper Nations, in response to Covid-19, and as a venture to provide people with accessible, eco-friendly engagement with literature.

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    Overcoming Adversity in books for Children and Young Adults: Thu 19 Nov 18:00