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    History & Archaeology

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    A History of Halifax: From prehistoric times to the present day

    This long-awaited book will be the only full history of Halifax available. The town has a wonderfully rich and interesting past, celebrated and enhanced by recent developments, all covered in A History of Halifax. Whether the book is bought as a treat for self or as a gift, it will inform and delight in equal measure.

    A History of Preston Guild, England's Greatest Carnival

    Preston earned its Guild Merchant in 1179; the tradition continues over 800 years on.

    A History of Scotland's Landscapes

    A unique guide to the landscapes of Scotland that explains key features, how to recognise them and what they mean.

    A History of Sussex

    Combining sound academic research with a genuine talent for writing, this superb new book tells the story of Sussex from ancient times to the present day, exploring interesting themes along the way.

    A Homeland Denied: In the Footsteps of a Polish POW

    An eyewitness and harrowing account of the brutal life in a Soviet labour camp. An unwavering determination to survive against the odds. The heroic sacrifice and bravery of the Polish Resistance and the Warsaw Uprising. The role of Polish soldiers in the Italian campaign, notably the Battle of Monte Cassino.

    A Maritime History of Scotland, 1650-1790

    Eric Graham traces the development of the Scottish marine and its institutions during a formative period, when state intervention and warfare at sea in the pursuit of merchantilist goals largely determined the course of events.

    History & Archaeology