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    14:30 - Ian Rankin: William McIlvanney - The Last Word

    Ian Rankin: William McIlvanney - The Last Word

    Having brought the work of one of Scotland’s great noir writers back into print a few years ago to huge success, the award-winning Scottish publishing house Canongate has gone one step further and brought William McIlvanney’s unfinished novel posthumously to the world. At the request of McIlvanney’s widow Siobhan Lynch, Scotland’s renowned crimewriter Ian Rankin has completed the unfinished manuscript that lay in note form when the celebrated Glasgow author died in 2015. The resulting novel, The Dark Remains, features an early case for McIlvanney’s brilliantly wayward detective Jack Laidlaw.

    Many years earlier, a young Rankin met McIlvanney at our Book Festival and told him of his plans to write novels ‘like Laidlaw but set in Edinburgh.’ In signing his book, McIlvanney wrote ‘Good luck with the Edinburgh Laidlaw.’ Now, Ian Rankin has paid homage by giving the last word to his literary mentor in a book that will delight fans of Laidlaw and Rebus alike. Don’t miss what promises to be a riveting event with the always-entertaining Rankin.

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    14:30 - Ian Rankin: William McIlvanney - The Last Word