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    National Museums Scotland

    We produce lavishly illustrated catalogues for Museum exhibitions such as The Jacobites; Scotland's Early Silver; Rip it up: The story of Scottish pop; Embroidered Stories: Scottish Samplers and Wild and Majestic: Romantic Visions of Scotland (the book of the summer exhibition in 2019). Our very varied list includes: The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked; Early Medieval Scotland; Commando Country; Scottish Photography: The First Thirty Years; Sir Walter Scott: A Life in Story and Jock's Jocks: Voices of Scottish Soldiers from the First World War, a co-publication with the European Ethnological Research Centre.

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    Greyfriars Bobby: A Tale of Victorian Edinburgh

    Part of the Scotties series, the book tells the well-loved story of Greyfriars Bobby and gives its historical background.

    A Geological Excursion Guide to the North-West Highlands of Scotland

    An up-to-date geological excursion guide to the dramatic landscape of the North-West Highlands of Scotland.

    Whithorn: An Economy of People, 1920-1960

    Published in association with The European Ethnological Research Centre,as part of their research programme Dumfries and Galloway: A Regional Ethnology. Interviews with 29 individuals from Whithorn and around, plus interviews with/writings of three local authors: Alastair Reid, John McNeillie and Gavin Maxwell.

    Queen Margaret of Scotland

    Every Scots child was taught a pallid and uncontentious version of Queen Margaret's life, drawn from the hagiography written not long after her death. Eileen Dunlop has produced a book for the general reader, which aims at a more balanced, psychologically probing account of a remarkable life.

    "Wroughte in Gold and Silk": Preserving the Art of Historic Tapestries

    Features important tapestries from major European collections showing the world-class research - scientific, artistic and historical - applied to their preservation.

    A Geological Excursion Guide to the Stirling and Perth Area

    A up-to-date geological excursion guide to the Stirling and Perth area.

    A Passion for Glass: The Dan Klein & Alan J. Poole Private Collection

    The book showcases the dazzling collection of modern glass recently gifted to National Museums Scotland.

    Age of Oil: Artwork by Sue Jane Taylor

    Artist Sue Jane Taylor has worked for over 30 years recording the lives of workers in the North Sea oil industry, and the offshore renewable energy industry. The book showcases her work and is also illustrated by relevant objects from the collections in the National Museum of Scotland.

    An Excursion Guide to the Moine Geology of the Northern Highlands of Scotland: Geology of the Northern Highlands of Scotland

    Describes the varied rocks and structures that occur within the largely metasediments of the Moine Supergroup of the northern and central highlands of Scotland. This book is suitable for professional geologists and undergraduate students.

    National Museums Scotland