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    National Museums Scotland

    We produce lavishly illustrated catalogues for Museum exhibitions such as The Jacobites; Scotland's Early Silver; Rip it up: The story of Scottish pop; Embroidered Stories: Scottish Samplers and Wild and Majestic: Romantic Visions of Scotland (the book of the summer exhibition in 2019). Our very varied list includes: The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked; Early Medieval Scotland; Commando Country; Scottish Photography: The First Thirty Years; Sir Walter Scott: A Life in Story and Jock's Jocks: Voices of Scottish Soldiers from the First World War, a co-publication with the European Ethnological Research Centre.

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    National Museum of Scotland Souvenir Guide

    The book showcases the Museum's many treasures from the Departments of Scottish History and Archaeology; Art, Design and Fashion; Natural Science; Science and Technology; and World Cultures.

    Northern Lights: The Age of Scottish Lighthouses

    The book was published to celebrate the 200th anniversary, on 11 February 2011, of the world's oldest rock lighthouse, the Bell Rock Lighthouse, off the coast of the county of Angus, Scotland.

    Past, Present & Future Craft Practice

    An introduction to craft research - a new form of craft practice - with an alternative approach to developing craft and its economy in the 21st century.

    Photograph: A Victorian Sensation

    In this souvenir book of the exhibition of the same name (National Museums Scotland 19 June - 22 November) you will meet the pioneers of photography and discover how the Victorian craze for the photograph transformed the way we capture images today and mirrors our own modern-day fascination for recording the world around us.

    Photography And The Doctor: John Adamson & St Andrews

    Dr John Adamson (1809-70) was the older brother of the better known Robert Adamson. This is the first book devoted to placing his work in its historical context. It draws mainly from two significant albums presented to National Museums Scotland (as it is called now) in the 1940s. An Appendix has technical information on photographic processes.

    Reconstructions: Recreating Science and Technology of the Past

    The book is based on a workshop held at National Museums Scotland and brings together key studies of 15 recent reconstruction projects, covering areas as diverse as physics, computing, horology, communication, transport and military.

    Robert Burns and the Hellish Legion

    Several of Robert Burns' poems deal with the supernatural. This book intends to help celebrate the 250th anniversary of the poet's birth, looks at the world of himself and his contemporaries and tries to understand their fears and emotions, with particular reference to 'Tam o Shanter'.

    Robert Burns in Time and Place

    A study of the life and work of Robert Burns, placing his work into the tapestry of events in Ayrshire, Scotland and the wider world - which all shaped his experiences and his poetry.

    Robert Louis Stevenson: The Travelling Mind

    Robert Louis Stevenson loved to conjure up a dashing, romantic lineage for himself, dreaming that he was descended from the colourful outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor. This work gives a concise account of his life - his family background, childhood and adolescence in a Calvinist, hard-working household in Scotland, and his final years in the South Seas.

    National Museums Scotland