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    A Journey in Landscape Restoration: Carrifran Wildwood and Beyond

    First-hand account of a pioneering initiative in ecological restoration, demonstrates the speed at which nature revives when given the opportunity. Shows how rich and beautiful landscapes can be created in the fight against climate change and loss of species.



    Expiry Date

    Bea's favourite customer, Julie, hasn't been seen for weeks. Her abusive husband, Dave, claims she's left him but Bea can't shake the feeling something worse has happened. When a body is found, it seems to confirm her fears - until it comes out that the corpse is fifteen years old. Ant and Bea are back with their most personal case yet.

    Freedom is a Land I Cannot See

    1924. Blinded in an attack in the aftermath of Irish independence, Rose Raven is living quietly with her brother. Charting the dangerous first years of the Irish Free State, the novel tells the story of Rose's secrets, every one of them a risk to the success of the new Ireland.

    Gears for Queers

    Keen to see some of Europe, queer couple Lilith and Abigail get on their old bikes and start pedalling. Along flat fens and up Swiss Alps, they will meet new friends and exorcise old demons as they push their bodies - and their relationship - to the limit.

    Mohinder's War


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