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    Sainted Media creates family friendly books and apps for a global community. Their mission is to create beautiful digital and print products for the whole family to enjoy. In the fullfillment of this mission they work with the best talent in the world, from recent graduates to international broadcasters.

    They have published a series of adventure filled storybooks for children based on the lives of the saints, as well as adventure books for girls and literary guidebooks.
    The titles include: Monica Pink Pet Shrink, Susan Seafarer, St Patrick, St Andrew, St Francis of Assisi, St Joan of Arc.  
    Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald literary guidebooks.

    The Bongles is the latest children’s print books and animated audio ebook series. The Bongles are colourful bouncy creatures who reuse objects that wash up onto their pristine shores. These guys just love turning trash into treasure, clearing beaches and cleaning up the oceans. The books are written and voiced by filmmaker Oscar van Heek and illustrated by Dean Queazy.

    Follow the Bongles adventures here 

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