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    19:00 - Sonia Faleiro & Megha Majumdar: Outrages in India

    Sonia Faleiro & Megha Majumdar: Outrages in India

    In a village in Uttar Pradesh, North India, two teenage girls go missing and are later discovered hanging from a tree. What happened and why did they die? And why on earth do the grieving women of the village form a circle round the tree trunk to prevent the girls from being taken down? Sonia Faleiro’s The Good Girls is a deeply affecting account of events in rural India, and a searing analysis of family honour in the community. Meanwhile, Megha Majumdar’s debut novel, A Burning, is set in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata where a young Muslim woman is falsely accused of a terrorist attack in the railway station and is thrown into jail to await trial and execution.

    A 'gripping thriller with compassionate social commentary', Majumdar deftly draws a nation set for political combustion. Both of these books, though set at opposite ends of a vast country, are finely observed, gripping evocations of life and politics in India. Faleiro and Majumdar join us to explore the country’s fascinating moral complexities.

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    19:00 - Sonia Faleiro & Megha Majumdar: Outrages in India