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    17:30 - This Separated Isle: State of the Union

    This Separated Isle: State of the Union

    Before the pandemic made a seismic impact across the world, things were already shifting here in the UK: the divide exposed by Brexit, the Hostile Environment policy and rising levels of hate crimes revealed bitter divisions in British society and politics. There seems to be a chasm between who we are, and who we think we are. And then there are moments of togetherness and solidarity: the residents of Kenmure Street in Glasgow’s South Side who stopped the Immigration Department from deporting their neighbours, or the 200,000 people across the UK who marched in support of Black Lives Matter last summer.

    To try and break through outdated concepts of Britishness, filmmaker Paul Sng has edited and curated This Separated Isle, a book of stunning portraiture and testimony.

    Sng is joined by writer Kit de Waal, who wrote the foreword of the book, and poet and artist Tanatsei Gambura, whose portrait and story appear in it, to explore the different concepts of belonging, and how we navigate the tensions of a divided land.

    17:30 - This Separated Isle: State of the Union