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    16:00 - Wellbeing and Resilience: Imagining a Better Future

    Wellbeing and Resilience: Imagining a Better Future

    The ability to soothe ourselves in times of distress is essential for keeping us well. Project Soothe – a global citizen science project – investigates how ordinary people self-soothe on a daily basis. Following creative workshops with 200 young people, the Project Soothe team collaborated with citizen scientists to create wellbeing tools, including music videos, board games and a graphic novel; all made by and for young people.

    In this timely and vital event, lead researcher Stella Chan, Charlie Waller Professor of Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment at the University of Reading, leads a conversation with some of the citizen scientists involved. Together they reflect on the many challenges faced by young people in 2021 and discuss the best ways to support the development of greater resilience, crucial for the wellbeing of individuals and, in turn, society at large.

    This event is part of Citizen, Edinburgh International Book Festival’s long-term creative programme working in partnership with organisations across Edinburgh and Musselburgh, offering local people a platform to explore identity, connection and place. To find out more about our Communities Programme, visit

    16:00 - Wellbeing and Resilience: Imagining a Better Future